A Revolution in Weight Loss - Power Pops

Can You Imagine...

A lollipop with the amazing Power to Suppress the appetite and give you a burst of energy. What could be simpler?

Essanté Worldwide is dedicated to producing high quality products that have been scientifically designed to target specific needs. Now you can reach for a Power-Pop and take away those cravings with a tasty treat. Ask about our delicious gourmet flavors!

Weight Loss Innovation!

With Power-Pops we have developed a unique and revolutionary system to lose weight - in the form of a lollipop.

How Power Pops Work?

This product will suppress your appetite and food cravings, increase energy levels, and burn fat and calories in a safe and natural way. What makes our candy even more effective is that it will also give you an alternative to heading to the refrigerator and grabbing a snack out of habit instead of hunger.

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This resource, As Seen on TV's Hollywood Extra concerning Power Pops Diet, Weight Loss Suckers and Lollipops with Hoodia shows you Power Pops really do work.

A Clear and Simple Goal

At Essanté Worldwide, we have one clear and simple goal in mind: produce the best natural remedies possible, targeting special needs, which will truly benefit people. Our consumer will always be first in our minds. Power-Pops will continuously pursue ways to improve health.

Master Herbalist

Essanté Worldwide has partnered with a Master Herbalist who shares his wealth of knowledge concerning herbs. He has studied plants, herbs and tonics for more than 30 years. Not only are our formulations and blends unique, but our ingredients include the freshest, most potent herbs presently available.

Never before has there been such a sweet way to lose weight! The Most Powerful Way to Suppress Appetite and Get a Burst of Energy!

We Refuse to Cut Corners!

Keeping our customers paramount in our minds, we refuse to cut any corners that would compromise the potency of our formulas. Our main concern is the effectiveness and potency of each formulation, and its ability to provide results.

Extensive Research & Finest Ingredients

The bottom line is, at Essanté Worldwide, we strive to produce formulations that will safely and effectively benefit people. This is done through extensive research, testing, and selecting the finest ingredients available. There is absolutely no skimping. We use no fillers. We truly care about our customers.

EXPERIENCE Essanté Worldwide, Invest in YOURSELF, your health and well-being with the Essanté Worldwide exciting business opportunity.

NOTE: Power-Pops DO NOT contain mahuang or ephedra.

CAUTIONS: Adequate water intake is recommended. Seek advice from a doctor or health practitioner prior to using our products or if you have high blood pressure, heart or thyroid disease, or diabetes. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN!

The Power-Pop Sucker Diet:


Take one Power-Pop with an eight ounce glass of water 30 minutes before eating. Have a well-balanced meal that includes fresh fruits.


Take one Power-Pop with an eight ounce glass of water 30 minutes before eating. Have a well balanced meal that includes protein, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates.


Take one Power-Pop with an eight ounce glass of water 30 minutes before eating. Have a well balanced meal, including protein and veget-ables. Avoid carbohydrates in the evening and do not eat for three hours before you go to sleep.

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Power Pops

Power Pops

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Weight Loss and Energy Lollipops!
A lollipop with the amazing Power to Suppress the appetite and give you a burst of energy. What could be more simple? A unique an revolutionary system to lose weight, in the form of a lollipop (First of its Kind). Now with two government Patents!

Bee Natural Tabs

Bee Tabs

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Natural Health, Natural Energy, Natural Tabs derived from Bees!
The bee hive is a storehouse of goodies for great health. Bee Pollen, Bee Propolis, Royal Jelly, and Raw Honey have, for thousands of years, been credited with giving longer life, younger appearance and a zest for living! Our product is all natural, contains no additives or preservatives, and has no fat. Each Tab contains Bee Pollen 550mg and Royal Jelly 60mg in a base of Honey and Propolis 610mg. Bee Natural Tabs are processed without heat, and contain every known ingredient necessary for a balanced diet.



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Liquid Nutrition can deliver Health, Energy and Wellness FAST!!
We have created the most phenomenally potent combination of over 20 liquid nutrition ingredients available to modern mankind.

Scientists are only now discovering what practitioners of natural medicine have known for centuries: natural products work. Our bodies need anti-oxidants, ionic minerals and the fundamentals of good health.

Lokahi™ delivers anti-oxidants from Grape Juice, Noni Juice, Goji Juice, Acai Juice, Aloe Juice and Green Tea. Lokahi™ delivers adaptagenic herbal teas from Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, Barley, Milk Thistle, Blackberry, Hawthorn Berry and Schizandra that support vitality. Lokahi™ contains immune system modulators from Aloe Vera, Goji, Acai and Noni Juice; potent allies in the war against aging.

Lokahi™ combines micro and macro minerals for the ultimate in cellular energy. This juice radiates goodness from the inside out. Drink it. Love it.

Kids Pops

Kids Pops

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All Natural Vitamin Lollipop for Kids and Adults!
The Pop That Rocks!! Available in five delicious flavors, KidsPops (patent pending) advanced formulation contains nutrients necessary for a healthy childhood. Good nutrition plays a critical role in everyone's health, and it's especialy important for children. Children never stop growing, from birth to the end of adolescence. Pound for pound, a five year old child needs more thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamins A and C, and vitamins B6 and B12 than a 25-year old man.

Your children's treats can now double as one of the "essentials" in their diet. Great tasting KidsPops help make nutrition fun. Flavors include Green Apple, Watermelon, Blueberry, Wild Cherry, Fruit Punch, Grape and Bubble Gum. Kids Pops include a total of 19 vitamins and minerals which are B2,B5,B6,B12,B3, C, D3, Folic Acid, Vitamin E, Biotin, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Iodine, Maganese. Only natural flavors and sweeteners are used to make these great lollipops.

Paradise Pointe

Paradise Pointe

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Cleansing Milk
Turn back the hands of time with paradise Pointe's perfect Cleansing Milk gently remove impurities, leaving the skn feeling it's best. Designed to leave normal to dry skin soft, clean and supple. The proprietary combination of natural plant and seed extracts creates a clean soothing formula.

The Perfect Face Lift
The Perfect Face Lift naturally tones, firms and helps your skin look younger in just the first application. Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. Look younger instantly. A unique blend of Peppermint, Ginseng, Cucuber and green Tea extracts refresh and rejuvenate the skin. These ingredients nourish the skin cells, restoring natural youth and vitality to the skin.

Rejuvenate Daytime Moisturizer
SPF-15 protects, moisturizes and nurtures your skin throughout the day. Rejuvinate contains natural nourishing and moisturizing agents including JoJoba, Aole Vera, Green Tea, Chamomile, Vitamin C and Vitamin A. This unique formula helps protect against dehydration and leaves the skin feeling healthy and refreshed.

Nourishing Night Creme
is specially formulated with some of Nature's richest nutrients including Sodium PCA, Hydrolyzed Milk Protein, Aloe Vera, Solk Amino Acids, Honey, Green Tea, and Essential Oils. Together, these Nutrients provide restorative energy, helping achieve and maintain a youthful lustre and healthy appearance for you skin cells.

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*America"s #1 Guide to Natural Health - Prescriptions for Nutritional Healing 3rd Edition, Phyllis A. Balch (CNC) - James F. Balch (M.D.), Penguin Putnam Publishing (over 6 million copies sold)

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